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11 Pinaka-Astig Tattoos of Pinoy Rockstars


What makes a rockstar, a rockstar? Syempre, nandiyan 'yung mga extra strong na kanta nila na hindi natin makakalimutan!

But what adds to a rockstar's lakas ng tama? Many people will say that it's their attitude or personality. And one of their ways to show this is through their tattoos. Having ink on your skin is part of fully expressing yourself in a way that's wicked pero 'di wasak!

That's why Red Horse, the #1 beer, would like to pay tribute to these eleven Pinoy rockstars that wear their art all over their body.

Jay Contreras – Kamikazee


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Jay has a massive oni mask tattoo on his body inspired by Japanese traditional art—which is fitting for a vocalist who's in a band with a name inspired by a Japanese word as well.

In ancient Japan, the oni mask was a symbol of courage and was designed to scare one's enemies. Now, Jay carries that same attitude in rock concerts.

Karl Roy - P.O.T. and Kapatid


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The late, great Karl Roy from seminal Pinoy rock bands P.O.T. and Kapatid showed his love for tattoos even at a time when the general public wasn't yet ready to accept the look.

His baybayin tattoo on his right arm and angry sun tattoo showed a tremendous amount of patriotism that earns him a spot on this list.

Gabby Alipe – Urbandub

gabby-alipe1 gabby-alipe2

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Tama lang na ilagay rito ang lalaking nagsulat ng kantang "A New Tattoo."

Gabby once confessed that 60 percent of his body is covered in ink, but his self-tribute to his name is what really caught our eye (Gabby's full name is Gabriel Emmanuel Oliva Alipe, for those who didn't know).

Chito Miranda - Parokya Ni Edgar


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You could say that Gabby took it to another level, but Chito did the whole "I'm proud of my name" thing first. Sa kanang braso niya nakalagay ang kanyang last name (Miranda)—a proud and loud tribute to his clan.

Miggy Chavez - Chicosci


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Tama lang rin na may tato ng bampira ang vocalist ng banda na kumanta ng emo anthem na "Vampire Social Club." The traditional feel of Miggy's tattoo makes for a very striking art style.

Ian Tayao - Queso, Wilabaliw


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While Chito and Gabby paid tribute to their names, Ian shows his band some love by putting "Queso" on his lower stomach. Yan ang tinatawag na dedication, mga ‘dre!

Ocho Toleran – Queso


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The guitarist of Queso also has a Japanese inspired ink.

The full sleeves on both of his arms are nothing short of wicked. But it's the centerpiece featuring two skulls on both sides of his chest that really gives it that lakas ng tama appeal.

Rogel Simon - Valley Of Chrome


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Speaking of skulls, Valley Of Chrome's vocalist also has an especially mean-looking one on his limb. The red color really makes the design pop out.

Franco Reyes – Franco


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The man who brought us the hit “Castaway” is a man of the sea as well.

Sea and tattoos don’t seem to get together because the saltwater and the sun can ruin the ink on your skin. But with the few that Franco has, it’s this arm piece that gets our attention.

Franco once said in an interview with MYX that his tattoo symbolizes the statements, “It's trying to raise up to whatever you believe in. Trying to overcome life's problems… Life obstacles." Astig!

Marc Abaya – Kjwan


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The “Daliri” singer has a lot of tattoos, but it’s the one near the fingers on his right hand that stands out—a symbol from the Sith era of Star Wars.

Who says rock culture and geek culture can’t go along? Definitely not this Abaya.

Jamir Garcia – Slapshock


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Slapshock’s frontman proves that despite their rap-metal style of music, Garcia actually has a soft side. On his chest are tattoo figures of Mama Mary and Jesus Christ, while on his right arm is his mother’s name, Teresita. This is to constantly remind him of how she became a huge inspiration sa lahat ng tagumpay niya ngayon.

All of his tattoos were done by his brother, Chris Garcia, a known tattoo artist based in Las Vegas na nagtattoo na rin sa ilang kilalang Hollywood artists gaya ni Miley Cyrus.

These are the eleven Pinoy rockstars with really incredible skin-art. Ano sa tingin niyo mga ‘dre? Anong klaseng tattoo nga ba ang astig?