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When you hear the name "Pepe Smith", the words 'dramatic actor' are far, far down the list of things you would associate with the rock legend. He has been a genre defining musician, A Red Horse Beer Endorser, and even a fashion icon.

And with the release of the indie film "Above the Clouds", indie actor is another noth 65 years-old Pepe Smith can carve into his belt.

Set in the Mountain Province, "Above the Clouds" is a tale of Andy, a young man seeking to overcome his own personal grief with the help of his grandfather who has been estranged from him for most of his life. Pepe Smith plays Andy's grandfather, seen early in the movie as an emotionally distant father figure but evolves into Andy's endearing travelling companion.

Their journey begins as they set foot on the mystical mountains,hiking their way up the summit, a trek thet sets off personal revelations anf heartfelt discoveries within the unlikely pair.

Pepe Smith's renegade personality is given a different spin in this groundbreaking film. Director Pepe Diokno himself is pleasantly surprised by the musician's acting chops.

Diokno, an auteur best known for his award winning film Engkwentro, wrote the script with Smith in mind. And it shows: the character's nuances, hesitations, issues, and emotions reflect the Pepe Smith everyone knows and loves. Appropriately enough, the granddaddy of all pinoy rockers plays the surviving father figure of the character the viewers will latch on to, the humanizing aspect of a strange and mysterious adventure. Even in this film, Pepe smith manages to make his own personality pop out of the screen.

The movie ends with characters forever changed and endeared towards each other: Andy embraces his grief and sees the world as a man, and Pepe Smith, initially world weary, finds new meaning as Andy's lolo. And even the viewer's perception who merely sees Smith as a rockstar is cinvinced that there's far, far more to his hard partying persona than what is seen on stage.

And just like his life as a rock legend, Pepe Smith goes above and beyond expectations in his first acting endeavor . Truly, " Above the Clouds" is aptly titled for the musician's first acting endeavor .

Above the Clouds " is a co production venture by epicmedia (Philippines) and Unlimited (France) Studios.