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Bands Reveal Their Pre-Gig Routines


To give out a great performance, artists have their own routine before a gig. They do this to make sure we get the best show of our lives. These musicians don’t put out a mask to show a different side of themselves. On the contrary, they share more of themselves in their shows than in their real lives. To do that they take moments of their time before shows to get to that place where they can perform well, whether it’s rehearsing or taking a few minutes of quiet time to internalize.

Chi Evora, Slapshock

Madalas ko ginagawa bago sumampa pag nasa backstage na kami nilalabas ko yung metronome ko and set it to whatever bpm and start nako mag air drums. Ginagawa ko yun para ma warm-up na ako especially my legs. I do it for like 5 minutes then pag okay na, mag stretching naman ako, as in yung stretching na para kang maglalaro ng basketball after. After that ready na ako.

Bago umakyat ng stage, sinisilip ko muna yung crowd. Pag nakita ko na ready na sila, pag narinig ko na mga sigawan nila, pag nakita ko na mga bandera nila na nakataas, yun yung mag nag momotivate sakin. Iniiisip ko na kailangan namin silang bigyan ng matinding performance.

Ian Tayao, WilaBaliW

I try to keep my mind as clear as possible. Usually I hear voices screaming at me at first then I swig a little Red Horse, enough to calm my head. Right before we start, everything becomes naturally easy. That’s the time “William Wallace” comes out.

Nikki Tirona, Mayonnaise

I make sure that I get enough sleep before a gig. I never play with an empty stomach. Food is as important as music. I say a prayer right before I step on stage. I always pray for a safe and fun gig for both the band and the audience. I have random thoughts before playing, it depends on what I see during the gig. I guess it’s more of a strategy to keep me from getting conscious about the gig and getting nervous.

TJ Brillantes, Greyhoundz

I make sure I get to rest, spend time with my family before I leave. Maybe brush up on songs if I need to. I like being at the venue early so I can still hang out with friends and have fun before out set. I don’t think about anything else other than just playing my heart out and having fun. I’ve been doing this for so long, it’s second nature to me. It’s just part of my every day life. There’s nothing extraordinary other than the fact that I love what I do and I’m grateful for being given the opportunity to do it.

Marc Abaya, KJWAN

I keep to myself then when it’s time to play, I try my best to focus on being in the moment with my brothers.