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Davao drenched in Beer at the Red Horse Muziklaban Semis


Believe it or not, it rained beer at this event. It’s not surprising given that last Saturday, December 7, five of your Red Horse Beer bands, Kjwan, Slapshock, Razorback,and previous Muziklaban champions, Mayonnaise and David vs. Goliath performed at the extremely packed Matina Town Square. People were just way too excited about having this line-up outside of Manila that the music shook the place and probably drenched everyone who was holding their Red Horse beers.


It was still peaceful earlier in the evening as Lean Ansing of Slapshock, Eo Marcos of Kjwan and Nikki Tirona of Mayonnaise judged the four semi-finalists to represent Mindanao in the Grand Finals this February 2014. The bouncers behind them demonstrate your classic poses called “Photobombing” (right) and “duck face” left.

Hubito’s Tribe from Cagayan De Oro came out as the winner. The judges kept telling me backstage how good they were after the show and obviously, they won! We’ll see how they fare alongside the other semi-finalists from the different regions.

Davao was packed with audiences who were proud that the last national Champion, David vs. Goliath came from their city and you can feel the Mindanao pride as they cheer on the fresh metal champs while they performed.



Mayonnaise always manages to make the crowd sing — every single time. After having seen a lot of their gigs I have to say that they are expert entertainers. If you look closely, you will see how much of an expert songwriter Monty Macalino is musically. Songs that sound simple and catchy on the surface is actually an enigma underneath.


The best part about KJWAN’s set was when for two of their songs, they stopped the music mid-way and everyone was still singing the song! It was crazy and when Mark would signal the band to stop the music, it was amazing because the people were singing louder than he was!


To add even more to the already wild crowd at MTS, Razorback had two more fans going crazy by the side of the stage — Boogie and Marc of KJWAN.

Tirso wearing a Greyhoundz shirt…. because we missed them in Davao….

Although can you imagine how much wilder this gig would have been if both WilaBaliW and Greyhoundz were here too? I think I’d be injured. I actually crawled my way from back to front just to see how much action went on in the crowd.

Yep, here I go again going right in the thick of the action. Haha. Good thing my camera’s weather sealed.

But my hair wasn’t, and I could see some women ready with their umbrellas. The venue is covered, so getting drenched is in the spirit of celebrating beer! Suprisingly, those who didn’t have umbrellas had rain jackets uncannily.


Slapshock closed the set with a great follow through from all the bands that played before them, leaving everyone with a preview of how crazy it’s going to be during the grand finals this February 2014. I don’t think anyone will ever forget this evening. I mean, how often do you get rained on by beer? Not always, but you remember it everytime right? No denying that. I know it’s not always a pleasant experience but this time around it was.

Davao, you know how to party.