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Naalala nyo pa ba ang Kaguluhan Festival?


There must be something about Cavite that make it a breeding ground for hardcore and metal bands. There is no denying the immense talent coming from this province. One of the main factors that established Cavite’s music scene is the fact that they had their own music festival dedicated entirely to this subculture.

When we think of local music festivals, we now think of the contemporary ones: Wanderland (for the indie acts) or Malasimbo (for diverse line-up of jazz, hiphop, soul, electronic, beat, reggae and dub). But for metal heads and hardcore aficionados, there is only one festival worth lining up for. Aptly named Kaguluhan Music Festival, attendees are treated to a night of frenzy, deep guttural music, head banging and mosh pits. Started back in 2004 by Edz Rebamontan, Kaguluhan was meant to give new Cavite bands a platform for their brand of music. Put together by local musicians and volunteers, the festival became an avenue for both newbies and more experienced bands.

Despite a six-month preparation to secure permits, marketing and merchandising, the inaugural festival was considered a failure due to high production costs and poor marketing strategy. But as the years went by, organizers had a steadier foothold with their planning and created a stronger fan base. One of the festival’s biggest crowd-puller is the ticket price: it is dirt cheap, allowing throngs of people to attend it. A record-breaking 1,200 attendees crashed the barriers during the 2010 concert.

The festival has seen several venue changes through the years: from a small bar in Bacoor, to a plaza gymnasium in Imus, an auditorium near a public wet market in Noveleta, a school in front of SM Bacoor, up to filling Bacoor Coliseum in its eight year. During its ninth instalment, Kaguluhan Festival was held at Pasay City Sports Complex to accommodate its growing number of attendees. This was the first time that Kaguluhan took the nation’s capital by storm. It was also the first time that the festival was headlined by an international metal band Shepherds The Weak.

Kaguluhan played host to the best of local bands such as Sin, Greyhoundz, Badburn, Queso, Death by Stereo, Sultans of Snap, Cog, Bloodshedd, Intolerant, Valley of Chrome, Imbue No Kudos, Subculture, Sky Church, Reklamo, and Curbside among others. Though the festival is no more after 11 years of pure chaos, it has etched legendary status among its followers. Recently another festival in Cavite called Wagayway: Uprising Festival is filling this void. Yet one could just imagine the kind of stories that could arise once you start a conversation with, “Hey do you remember that one time in Kaguluhan...”