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Red Horse Muziklaban 2016 Metro Manila Finalist: Shotgun Combo


This wittingly new band was formed on March 2014 in an attempt to penetrate the local music industry. Originally coming from different bands, these four talented individuals (Cris, Brian, Johnson, and Boyet) collaborated. Within two months, Shotgun Combo was able to write ten original songs and performed in various respectable bars in Metro Manila.

Armed with their explosive music, gun-shot lyrics, and witty antics, they toured around to master their music and gain exposure in the music scene.

A year and a half later, the band was challenged with the sudden loss of their drummer, Boyet Robleado. Still in mourning and confused as to whether stop or continue, they faced their greatest challenge yet—to find a drummer to fill in the shoes of Boyet.

With their current line-up all set and ready to roll, Shotgun Combo rocked stages and gigs after gigs. They have been earning a big following since their come back with a blast heavier, louder, and funkier than before.


  • Cris Genato - Vocals
  • Brian Sta. Ana – Guitar
  • Johnson Espadilla – Bass
  • Polo Auxtero – Drums
  • Boyet Robleado – Former Drummer

How was the band formed?

We all lived in the same area in Lagro, Quezon City which is our hometown. That's where we all met. We're neighbors. Aside from our love of music, we are already friends before the whole stint.

What is the story behind your band name?

"Shotgun" was originally the name of the band, but we all decided to add a bit of quirk to it by adding "Combo" to match the new music.

What is/are your music genre/s?

We haven't figured out what to call it yet. We think it's Funk Rock, Soul Funk, Acid Jazz Funk, Electro Funk, Rap Funk, Progressive Funk, Disco Funk, Metal Funk, Naughty Funk, Rapbeh Funk, Pinoy Funk… NU PHUNK? Listen to our songs, and we'll let you decide.

Who are your musical influences?

It's a long list. We're all audiophiles. We listen to everything we could get our waxy ears on, but to name some of our heroes, we have Francis M., POT, Erectus, all 70s disco and classic rock (local and foreign), Tower of Power, Rusko, Butch Clancy, Knife Party, Karnivool, Twelve Foot Ninja, Mother Earth, Incognito, BNH, Beastie Boys, Primus, 311, RHCP, RATM, SOAD, DT , Davis/Coltrane, Charlie Parker, and Bing Rodrigo.

How would you describe your perfect gig/rock concert?

Bustin’ our asses off in front of millions of naked chicks and guys, too (laughs).

“As long as everyone enjoys it, it's a done deal man, we're in funk heaven.”

What made you decide to join Pambansang Muziklaban?

Some of us were hesitant to join at first because it's an anti to what we believe in—like compete for fame and money instead of sharing and embracing everyone's music. It's not about which band is good and not so good. But then we realized, we also want the experience whether we win or lose, we'll try everything.

To quote one of our heroes who also quoted it from one of their heroes... "It's better to regret something you did than something you didn't do.”

Why do you think Pambansang Muziklaban is the best rock battle in the Philippines?

We wanna give an elaborate answer to that and make us all look smart and cheesy, but really... it's Red Horse man, we love it to death, not to promote alcoholism to minors, but it's been our "bespren" since birth.

Why do you think you deserve to be the next Red Horse Muziklaban 2016 Grand Champion?

At this moment, we don't have the answer for that yet because we think everyone who also made it this far is already a winner. We‘ll just give it our best, put our balls on the wall, and enjoy the gig. Everything else that comes along with it is a bonus.

Para sa inyo, ano ang rock and roll?

“Bato at Gulong. It's the air we breathe; it's our soul. Shot lang nang shot, combo lang nang combo.”