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Red Horse Muziklaban 2016 Visayas Finalist: Crickets Playground


Crickets Playground is a local band from Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental. When members of the band started hanging out during jamming sessions, each of them had their own bands with different musical influences. They decided to officially form Crickets Playground when the audience showed appreciation to the collaboration and the chemistry among them. A good sounding band is undeniably present when they perform.


  • Yushmad Canizares – Vocals
  • Jolly Inoferio – Guitar 1
  • Andre Adrial – Guitar 2
  • Rey Pacion – Bass
  • John Jeffrey Tinghil – Drums

What is the story behind your band name?

Crickets Playground derived its name from a nocturnal insect called Cricket, which produces sound as evening draws near.

The band members including the crowd are the Crickets.

“The sound the Crickets make is the music while the stage is our playground, hence the name Crickets Playground.”

Who are your musical influences?

God Smack, Disturbed, Slapshock, Razorback, Korn, Kjwan, Wilabaliw, Greyhoundz, and Slipknot.

How would you describe your perfect gig/rock concert?

A jam-packed venue with an enthusiastic crowd who’s got love for music. There would be a lot of head-banging or at least crowd singing. And when the gig is over, they’d still be talking about how happy and awesome our music made them feel.

What made you decide to join Pambansang Muziklaban?

Joining Red Horse Pambansang Muziklaban is always a dream for aspiring musicians like us. To make it to the Finals is already a huge achievement—a milestone in the career that we have always dreamed of. We also believe that through Pambansang Muziklaban, we will be able to introduce our band and music

Why do you think Pambansang Muziklaban is the best rock battle in the Philippines?

Red Horse Beer Pambansang Muziklaban is the best rock battle in the Philippines because it has paved the way to numerous artists to enter into the major rock music scene. It is the avenue of the unknown to become known and respected. It brings out the patriot in every Filipino as it calls and promotes local music. It builds the character of the aspirants. It is the number one annual rock battle that rock bands and rock music enthusiasts watch out for.

Why do you think you deserve to be the next Red Horse Muziklaban 2016 Grand Champion?

We deserve to be the next Red Horse Muziklaban Grand Champion because we are passionate, young musicians who will do everything for the love of music. For us, music is life. We believe that we can be an inspiration to others because never did we think of giving up on our dreams despite difficulties.

“We deserve to win because we want to win to honor God, our families, and our loved ones who always believe in us.”

Para sa inyo, ano ang rock and roll?

“Ang rock and roll ay pwersa ng mga damdaming nagnanais maipahiwatig at marinig.”

Ang mga damdamin ng tunay na nakikinig. Handang umintindi sa tunay na may malasakit sa papahiwatig ng tunay na kahulugan ng kalayaan at pag-ibig. Ito’y nagbibigay inspirasyon hindi lang sa kapwa, kundi sa buong bansa. Nagnanais ituwid ang baluktot at naghahangad na magiging ito ang tama.